Setting financial goals for 2023 to make and save money

I’m big on setting goals. The more specific, the better! Setting financial goals is something I’ll do often. And in 2023, I’m aiming high, slightly ridiculous, and ready to do nothing but make or save money.

Next year should be a very different one for both Jenny and I. We’re expecting some big life changes and some other expenses we haven’t had in the past. More than ever, it’s important to get our financial situation in the best shape possible. Our bank accounts, investments, and other assets are going to be busy in the financial gym doing more than curls in the squat rack. They’ll try out Zumba and maybe even attempt a pull-up in public.

In 2023, here’s what I’ll personally aim to achieve and what we’ll do together.

1) Financial Goal: Earn $10,000 more on side hustles

To answer your first question: no I don’t have an OnlyFans. It’s unbelievable nobody has actually seriously asked me this. It must be because I wear a mask in public and the world is one beautiful smile short each day. Strangers are unaware of what lurks beneath the mask. The only place I ever get compliments is the dentist because I have good teeth. I’m also fully aware they’re definitely calling me a deadbeat behind my back because they can never juice any extra money out of me for extras.

A group of dentists pointing at my nice teeth while discussing what a waste of time it is to see me.

If I am able to make $10,000 more in 2023, I will be able to hit a goal of mine for total income. Side hustles will include everything outside of my main job. Every old baseball card sold or lottery ticket for my birthday that comes out as a winner (I won $14 in 2022) will go toward this $10K goal. There’s always OnlyFans to turn to in December when it looks like I could come up short. Who wants to see some thigh?

2) Financial Goal: Maintain two-years of expenses in our emergency fund

Jenny and I are frugal people so our two-years of expenses in the emergency fund might look like a weekend out for some people. Because we were fortunate in 2022 to receive an inheritance, we were able to increase our emergency fund and take advantage of stashing it in a high-yield interest account to make some extra coin.

We’ve decided that a 24-month emergency fund is something we’re capable of doing. The goal in 2023 will be to maintain it. I think every appliance in our home is having a meeting in mid-January to decide which one suddenly stops working without warning.

3) Financial Goal: A buy nothing year

We’ve been planning this for about two months now. In 2023, it will be a “buy nothing” year. I give us until January 8 when we starve to death.

These men aren’t showing off their abs. They are trying to tell the world how hungry they are.

Actually, we will buy stuff. We just won’t be buying anything that isn’t a need. We have yet to fully decide on what will and won’t be allowed. Basically, it’s a harsher look at how we already spend money. No more new clothes. Fewer fancy desserts from the bakery. Jenny’s art supplies will not grow at all in the coming year. She’ll have to wait until 2024 to give the updated non-racist version of a color a try.

4) Financial Goal: Sell a lot of stuff

I have a lot of stuff to sell. The trouble with selling stuff is, as easy as Facebook Marketplace can be, it’s also tedious. You deal with a lot of flaky people there. While something like eBay is more guaranteed for a purchase to go through, dealing with shipping items is a different kind of pain.

Most of the stuff I have to sell are old collectibles. Baseball cards, coins my father gave me, and maybe a few other items. I don’t think any of the stuff is worth a lot. Getting rid of it will help me meet my $10,000 side hustle goal and clear up some extra space in our home.

5) Financial Goal: Appreciate the peace of financial security

Worrying about money is not fun. I question at what point do we relax and actually feel peace? I’m kind of there right now. It’s because I have a plan. The moment something gets in the way of the plan might be when my financial goals need to change. One poorly-timed bill can change everything.

There are no good photos of a poorly-timed Bill so here is a poorly-positioned William.

I’m going to try not worrying about money as much in 2023. I might enjoy it less, but how much happiness does it really bring any of us? I’ll gain much more peace knowing there is a security blanket available the next time an appliance goes out. Money fixes problems. Having fewer problems is a part of happiness.

Whatever. I’ll worry about the worst-case scenario of having to couch surf in 2024.

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