Paying for Twitter Blue is buying fake popularity from strangers

Twitter Blue is the newest invention from Elon Musk. It doesn’t quite match even the weakest of creations from his idol, Nikola Tesla. Tesla tried to change the world. Musk wants your $8 to feel authentic.

You can actually pay to be fake verified thanks to Twitter Blue. The blue checkmark no longer carries the same weight it used to. Now, until you click on the checkmark to find out more, Twitter Blue users can put out fake information and fool everyone. It’s chaos over there this week.

At a reasonable price of only $8 a month, you can do the same. I understand if you’re 15 and want to play an $8 prank. There are worse things you can spend $8 on a month.

The blue checkmark on Twitter has been what many social media users have been chasing. Finally, for the price of a cup of anything (maybe even just the cup due to inflation), you can buy some fake popularity.

Buying into Twitter Blue now is a wasted investment

I’m not going to nitpick about how people should spend $8. I feel cheated when such a small amount is wasted. I won’t discourage you from a bad purchase in the single digits.

Twitter Blue is a knee jerk reaction to a social media takeover. It’s Musk’s way of making his new baby more profitable. Temporarily, many of its users can pay to finally be taken seriously. There’s no telling how long any of this will last either. It’s always a good idea to get in on the ground floor of an investment. Twitter Blue is a payment. You have very little to gain.

Twitter has never been completely clear about what it takes to become verified. It used to be easier. During the era of Fake News Sad, their standards changed. I looked into the requirements about two months ago. Many of the requirements were pretty obvious. Things like sharing your driver’s license, having a professional email address, and a large enough following were all part of the deal. The change completely wipes this away. You can get the same symbol on your Twitter name and trick people into thinking you’re legitimate.

There are a lot of benefits to being verified on Twitter. I’ve thought about applying in the past. My mind has changed permanently with a payment attached. I’m not on social media nearly enough to care what anyone thinks of my opinions.

Twitter Blue is a call girl. Unless you were already making money on Twitter, you’re better off spending your time and money somewhere else. Save the followers for when you start a cult.

I feel like there was a Black Mirror episode about this. It didn’t end well. In this case, the ending probably just has you wasting $8 or more.

Move over volcano insurance in places where there are no volcanos. There’s a newest biggest waste of cash.

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