How much money you can save by cutting your own hair

You’re so not vain, I bet you think this article is about you. Cutting your own hair is definitely a smart cost-cutting idea (no pun intended) anyone with a pair of scissors, a mirror, and good health insurance (just in case) should give a try.

Jenny and I have cut our own hair in the past. We’ve even cut each other’s hair albeit I’m usually only giving her a light trim to even things off. I wasn’t trusted enough to tie my own shoelaces until I was about ten. Nobody is going to let me go anywhere near their scalp with something as sharp as scissors. Not even my wit is allowed on airplanes because of how sharp it can be.

I first began cutting my own hair in high school when I realized something: why should I pay someone else to take something away from me?

Even before I heard of Sweeney Todd I had trouble trusting barbers.

Hair has never been an important part of my vanity. It’s more of an inconvenience. So, rather than get a new haircut every few weeks like an average high schooler, I decided to buy my own haircutting kit. I split the cost with my sister’s live-in boyfriend at the time. It was probably only about $12 or $13 each we spent. And because my sister didn’t like staying in a relationship much longer than a moon cycle, I ended up with the same haircutting kit for a good twelve years or so.

How much money did cutting my own hair save me during those years?

A dollar a year. That’s what I paid for haircuts. Although I have since bought a new haircutting kit for about $25-30 (an increase due to inflation and probably OBAMA!), I feel like I have come away on top. Using this affiliate link for the Wahl Color Clipper set we purchased, you can have one, too. By using the affiliate link, we could receive a small commission from the purchase. We bought it in 2019 and haven’t had any issues.

There was only one instance after the first time I shaved my own head until today where I did pay for a haircut. Guess how much it cost me.

$25. Plus a tip. Time to get there, too.

Could I even afford to get married anymore?

That one trip to the barbershop cost as much as a single haircutting kit. I only agreed to go there because it was a day or two before Jenny and I got married. A bad haircut can be rectified. A bad haircut on your wedding day requires some photo-editing skills I just don’t have in my arsenal.

The haircut was pricier than I remembered. Weren’t they like $10 and you’d get a shave, too? Am I misremembering the 1990s when I made my first trips to the barbershop?

It’s safe to assume from my late high school years to today that a haircut would have probably cost around $22 each with tip included. Depending how often I got one would go a long way toward how much money I saved by choosing to shave my own head every once in a while instead. If I got a haircut every other month, that’s $132 a year. Over the course of 12 years, it equals out to $1,584.

I’m not impressed.

As unimpressive as it is, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I would still rather have $1,584 than not because I cut my own hair

Okay, so maybe this isn’t too impressive of a total. It’s a monthly mortgage payment in 2022 plus a little extra on the principle. But let’s consider this. Let’s look at all of the other benefits to cutting your own hair.

This doesn’t include the gas to get to the place. You can cut your hair right from your own bed. I wouldn’t recommend it. Find a better spot where you can easily vacuum and sweep the floors after. You can even lean over a garbage can like I used to do before I had Jenny to help give me haircuts. Be sure to do it only when there’s a fresh bag in there. Otherwise, you’re going to smell a lot of smells you never wish you did smell.

For women, I’m sure there is a little more skill required to get the desired haircut. As the less hairy of the genders, it is a little ironic how they are the ones that typically have the longer hair than men. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the men to be the ones braiding each other’s hair? Maybe I can make it a thing. 

Even though cutting my own hair hasn’t exactly made me rich, I have to give it bonus points for the convenience of not having to go anywhere. If your hair isn’t important to you, maybe it’s something you can consider, too. Plus, who doesn’t like a bald guy?

If I’ve convinced you to get a haircutting kit of your own, here’s that affiliate link to the one we purchased one more time. Become a sexy bald guy like me once every two months or so.

Below are affiliate links to products we use and recommend. By using those links, we may receive a small commission from your purchase. Using these links does not affect the price.

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