The quickest way to get money without losing your dignity

What’s the quickest way to get money without losing your dignity? There’s an easy answer.

It doesn’t include superpowers. You can leave with all of your organs intact. You don’t even need to leave the house if that’s an even more impossible thing to imagine than x-ray vision or selling a kidney.

The easiest way to make money fast is to sell your stuff. Probably the best and easiest place to do it is on Facebook Marketplace. You’re able to reach a huge and local audience and able to avoid fees.

Turn your rarely used household items into cash. Maybe not this much cash. But enough!

The quickest way to get money is to sell your stuff, even at a loss

I haven’t made a lot of quick cash on Facebook Marketplace but it’s definitely the best place to go when it comes to selling things to strangers. It’s pretty easy, too. You can check out my steps to selling things on Facebook Marketplace which I hope you find is as entertaining as it is informative.

What I like about Facebook Marketplace is you don’t have to deal with the hassle of mailing things like with eBay. There’s no fear of things getting damaged and having to issue a refund. 

On Facebook Marketplace, buyers will even meet you at your house. If that’s not something you’re comfortable with, just choose a nearby location with lots of foot traffic. Think of it like a prisoner exchange except instead of mobsters or terrorists it’s an old collectible or out-of-fashion jacket you no longer wear.

Selling your stuff, even at a loss, is a dignified way to make some quick cash. First, you do need to separate yourself from what you paid for it originally. Otherwise, you might never sell anything. Chances are, almost everything used that you do sell will get handed off to someone for less than you originally bought it. Even valuables you thought might go up in price aren’t going to net much money. 

There are countless rookie cards in my bedroom closet of baseball players who barely played any games at all that were once thought to be my ticket to early retirement. Gregg Jefferies let all of us down.

Nearly everything you want to get rid of has a buyer. When you’ve made an attempt or two, you might want to consider your two other options.

When things don’t sell and nobody will even take it for free, to the bin it should go!

If you can’t sell your stuff for extra money, donate or trash it

There are certain items that can go into a donation bin or people will fight for on a Facebook Buy Nothing Group. Jenny and I have given and received in these groups before. You can get some good quality items people just no longer have interest in.

When there is no buyer or taker for anything you’re completely done with, the next best option is to toss it in the trash.

There should be two goals with selling your stuff. One is to make some money. Almost as important, you’re decluttering. Like the stock market, there is a point where the bubble can burst on the number of items you own. Regularly selling, donating, or trashing those items that fall into that category is just a necessary part of the circle of consumerism.

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