Money saving habit: 3 easy ways we lower our electric bill every month

The only thing worse than a bill is a Bill who insists you call him William and even throws a fit when you refer to him as Billy. Another kind of bill we all hate is the electric bill. It’s a necessity we all have to think about. One of the money saving habits everyone can live by is to lower their electric bill whenever possible. There are certain recurring bills that we have complete control over. By taking some simple actions, you can lower them. Electric is one all of us, except for the Unabomber, can relate to. So let’s talk about that one and how we achieve a low electric bill throughout the year.

Imagine if catching lightning in a bottle was literally the only way to get your microwave going.

We lower our electric bill every month by staying in the same room as much as possible

We aren’t handcuffed to each other but the electric company might think we are. Jenny and I try our best to stay in the same room when electricity is a factor. We also, kind of, enjoy each other’s company.

This means only running one air conditioner in the summer at a time. As much as we would prefer to have central air conditioning, the cost associated with having to cool the whole house as opposed to one room at a time and only when we need it is far more efficient. We’re fortunate to live in a place that never gets too unbearably hot for a long period of time.

Along with the air conditioner scheme, staying in the same room means less lights on. Lights are far less draining on the electric bill as long as you have the right bulbs. LED lights are the easiest way. You can use the affiliate link of ours in the previous sentence to purchase some bulbs of your own. By making a purchase with that link, we may receive a commission. It will not affect the price either. Everybody wins! We have literally not changed a light bulb in two years either.

The “how many does it take to change a lightbulb” joke might actually take a few people because you’ll forget how to do it.

We lower our electric bill every month by turning things off and unplugging unused items

A phone charger left in the wall without a phone to charge isn’t going to put you in the poor-house by raising your electric bill to unsustainable levels. However, it is a money saving habit to get used to because there are bigger items that could definitely add up if unnecessarily put to use. If we leave all of our unused items plugged in constantly, even while not running, it can begin to add up.

We do our best to not waste electricity. It’s not so much because we want to give back to mother earth as much as we appreciate being able to save a couple of bucks on one of our most necessary and controllable bills.

Getting on earth’s good side isn’t such a bad thing either. We’re all better off saving the planet.

Wait, there are two earths and one is right next to the other?

We lower our electric bill every month by taking advantage of natural light

A relative of earth, the sun provides her with all of the natural light we get on this planet. Jenny and I try to take advantage of the natural light. This means opening our blinds daily and even trying to schedule when we sleep around when darkness will fall.

Of course, with less sunlight in the winter months, it’s hard to get to bed by 4pm without also joining the Amish community. In those colder months, we’ll settle with a simple candle or a dimmer light setting when needed.

On average, our electric bill tends to be in the $50-60 range. It has gone up as part of the price of everything increasing and also the fact that we work from home full-time thus tend to simply use more of it. It’s not a major increase from our old monthly statements that could be as low as $20-30. Everything has gone up in price. Electricity isn’t something we can afford to lose but it is something we can maintain at a reasonable level.

If you enjoyed this post, check out the list of 10 money saving habits we try to live by.

Below are affiliate links to products we use and recommend. By using those links, we may receive a small commission from your purchase. Using these links does not affect the price.

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