Why public libraries are awesome

I’ve always loved libraries. The time when public libraries cease to exist would be a devastating loss to humanity. This resource gives you so many options to entertain and educate yourself—and all for free!

Two words: Books and Free — yeah I’d be happy too!

Even if your local library doesn’t carry the book that you’re looking for, chances are they could borrow it from another library within their network; at least in some places where we lived, all the towns within the same county share a library network which is pretty cool as it expands your options! I’ve experienced this benefit many times myself as my local library sometimes doesn’t carry the title I’m interested in.

Once you’ve registered with your local library, you can borrow books through the online portal or you could talk to an actual person…just ask the librarians!

Most librarians I’ve encountered were pretty helpful, and even if a certain person isn’t (I had a particularly bad experience with a rude, unreasonable library staff) you can talk to somebody else that’s more helpful.

Don’t let one person’s toxicity stop you from doing something you enjoy: reading books! And even better, reading books for free!

Another great thing is you’re not limited to just borrowing physical books from the library. There are movies in DVD format (yes, people still use those) and audiobooks you can borrow, they let you use their computers and internet connection, museum passes—and all for


Isn’t that just amazing?

Public libraries truly hold a special place in my heart. Great, well-maintained, resource-rich public libraries are something that I’ve only experienced here in the US, it being one of the most developed countries in the world. And I am truly grateful—my heart was filled with joy the first time I stepped inside my first local library here in the US.

Public libraries are such underappreciated wonders.

If libraries like what we have here in the US are available anywhere in the world, especially in developing countries, like in the Philippines where I grew up and spent most of my life—think about how the free access to books and information could have expanded and enriched our learning and entertainment experiences! Oh the child me would have been over the moon! 

I dream of a world where every child could just step inside the public libraries that I’m able to enjoy now anytime they want, bring a couple books home, and explore ideas and worlds to their hearts’ content!

If you have any interest in free books, free movies, free internet, and free museum passes, then register and start using your local library. It’s a wonderful free resource for learning and entertainment.

Or just some good old fashioned escape inside a wonderful book.

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